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Rewire Your Brain In 63 Days

Neurocycle Program

Dr. Leaf's scientifically proven 5-Step Process to help you overcome anxiety, stress, depression,

and toxic thinking.

What's Included

Full year of access to the Neurocycle App

The first scientifically-tested
brain detox app

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Manage stress, anxiety, depression, and toxic thinking with the first-ever brain detox app!

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Payment (Due session 3)


Neurocycle Program

Plan 1

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1st Payment (Due session 3)


2nd Payment (Due session 5)


Neurocycle Program

Plan 2

My name is Dawn Williams, and I'm a Certified Neurocycle Facilitator.

As a Neurocycle Certified Facilitator, I use Dr. Caroline Leaf’s scientifically proven and researched 5-step process to help people master the relationship between their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and physical sensations. I will facilitate you through the Neurocycle App as you begin to find the root of your toxic thought and habit, reconceptualize the root and rebuild healthy thought patterns and behaviors.  


I believe that change is possible, and everyone has the ability to rewire the mind, heal, grow, and live a healthier and more fulfilling life!

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"Our weekly
discussions helped in identifying significant points and considerations in my personal history that I may
not have attended to if I had been on my own."


specifically has a way of giving it to me straight while also letting me find out the answers
myself, which is exactly what I need. This process has made me more self-aware, more
positive, more goal-oriented, and most importantly, more appreciative and loving of myself.


"Prior to 10 weeks ago, I
never thought I would be able to say that I embrace anxiety and thought, but now I fully can.

Dawn and the Program have opened my eyes to see my worth and I now feel I am worthy as a


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